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Villiers Hotel,



The White Heart Inn, Buckingham


Best Western,


best western

Ring Road South, A421, Buckingham MK18 1RY

0844 387 6218

3 Castle St, Buckingham MK18 1BS

01280 822444

(A 20 minute walk to Villiers Hotel or a 4 minute drive.)

1-2 Market Square Buckingham MK18 1NL

01280 815151

(Within walking distance to Villiers Hotel.)


We can recommend 3 hotels to accommodate you, all reasonably priced, highly-rated and half-way between the ceremony at Stowe, and the reception venue at Passenham.


The Villers Hotel is the meeting point for the coach on Saturday morning, so you would need to make your way there from the other hotels, but they are both quite close by.


Anyway, here you can find links to the hotel websites, directions and contact details to help you make you decision, but if you need any other information before you book, please do contact us.