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Passenham Manor

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Passenham Manor, Milton Keynes MK19 6DH

Saxon army camp, Roundhead hospital and home of at least two ghosts.


Passenham, with its mill, old rectory, manor house and tithe barn is a picturesque village built on a very eventful past.


In 876 A.D  Alfred the Great’s son, Edward the Elder set-up an army camp in the tiny riverside village. A base that proved instrumental in forcing back the invading Danes.


The land remained in sovereign possession until the early seventeenth century, when the infamous Sir Robert Banastre appeared on the scene and built Passenham manor. Pretty much a lifelong villain, Bobby died while out hunting one day and became the first official Passenham ghost. Not to be outdone though, a wronged young lady called Nancy Lee then drowned herself in the mill pond.


Later, the village recommenced its association with history when Cromwell's new model army took up residence and turned the tithe barn (our wedding venue) into a hospital for injured soldiers.


Today the Manor is owner by PHOOEY and UNCLE)


Sir Bobby...

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