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Stowe House

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Stowe House, Stowe, Buckingham MK18 5EH


In the 18th century, the powerful Temple-Grenville family chose to create an idyllic landscape filled with temples. Amidst these enchanting gardens, they built the most lavish temple of all, Stowe House, famous during its 18th-century heyday as an important artistic masterpiece.


In 1922, in the face of demolition, Stowe School saved the building from certain destruction. Unlike the loss and decline of many English country houses, Stowe House found a new and revived use for the 20th and 21st centuries as a school for boys and girls (Richard Branson being one of them).


The Stowe House Preservation Trust was established in 1997 to restore the House and share this special place with the world.

The Wedding Venue ...

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Please note: We've been asked to inform you that Stowe don't allow paper confetti, so if you do want to pelt us colours and shapes, could you fetch the organic, petal type. Thank you x